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AARC Net Control Operators (2016)

Name    Call      Date
----    ----      ----
Jim     KE5DSY    Apr 4th
Bill    KE5WUT    Apr 11th
Joe     N5HDX     Apr 18th
Bob     KG5EUX    Apr 25th

Jim     KE5DSY    May 2nd
Bill    KE5WUT    May 9th
Joe     N5HDX     May 16th
Bob     KG5EUX    May 23rd
Jim     KE5DSY    May 30th

Bill    KE5WUT    Jun 6th
Joe     N5HDX     Jun 13th
Bob     KG5EUX    Jun 20th
Jim     KE5DSY    Jun 27th

Bill    KE5WUT    Jul 4th
Joe     N5HDX     Jul 11th
Bob     KG5EUX    Jul 18th
Jim     KE5DSY    Jul 25th

Bill    KE5WUT    Aug 1st
Joe     N5HDX     Aug 8th
Bob     KG5EUX    Aug 15th
Jim     KE5DSY    Aug 22nd
Bill    KE5WUT    Aug 29th

Joe     N5HDX     Sep 5th
Bob     KG5EUX    Sep 12th
Jim     KE5DSY    Sep 19th
Bill    KE5WUT    Sep 26th

Joe     N5HDX     Oct 3rd
Bob     KG5EUX    Oct 10th
Jim     KE5DSY    Oct 17th
Bill    KE5WUT    Oct 24th
Joe     N5HDX     Oct 31st

Bob     KG5EUX    Nov 7th
Jim     KE5DSY    Nov 14th
Bill    KE5WUT    Nov 21st
Joe     N5HDX     Nov 28th

Bob     KG5EUX    Dec 5th
Jim     KE5DSY    Dec 12th
Bill    KE5WUT    Dec 19th
Joe     N5HDX     Dec 26th

All licensed radio amateurs that are members of the club are welcome and encouraged to serve as net control operator. This not only brings variety to the Monday night net, but insures we have trained net control operators in case of an emergency.

Should you wish to be placed on the rotation, or just want to try it once, please contact one of the officers.

AARC Net Script 2016 (docx file)

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